Pro Life, Caring for Creation and Independence Day

July 11, 2019


On Independence Day (and the Pastor’s birthday) we found a bat being self-baptized in our Baptismal Font.  One of our parishioner’s scooped the little guy out of the font and placed him outside.  Unfortunately the bat was placed in the grass.  Knowing that bats cannot take off from the ground and that he would perish, we again rescued the little guy and placed him in the tree.  We are happy to say that later on Independence Day, after he had dried off and warmed up in the dappled sunlight, he took off and is hopefully spreading the news that St. Luke is a pro-life parish dedicated to the care of all of God’s beautiful creation!

(FYI-we sanitized the font too!)


IMG_1603 IMG_1602 IMG_1601 IMG_1599 IMG_1598 IMG_1597 IMG_1596 IMG_1594 IMG_1606