Let us pray for….

If you send in your intentions:  [email protected]

I will post those you wish us to pray for.  If you must use a name, first name only.

  1.  A doctor who has been exposed to the virus.
  2. My sister a nurse.
  3. Family of 5 adults and 2 children.
  4. A couple who is hospitalized with COVID-19.
  5. All who have died alone-from COVID and other causes.
  6. Our children
  7. For every person who is scared and alone.
  8. for an end to all conflicts especially now as we are fighting the Coronavirus 
  9. For all the babies being born.
  10. Thanksgiving for those who are recovering from Covid-19
  11. Full compliance so that we can avoid unnecessary deaths.
  12. For a young woman who is facing surgery for a brain tumor.